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Under My Sole Control (MP4-HD 1080p)

Duration: 11:52 Views: 0 Submitted: 7 months ago Submitted by:
Description: See all of my clips  (60 fps) on your knees foot pet. i love that i can easily make footboys like you into my pets with just my feet. so easy to have total control. i can make you do anything for a glimpse of my soft perfect soles. crawl over here. oh my look at that bulge. you're so hard and you have only seen my feet. you know what that means... i control your cock. i control you. do you remember the first time you came for my feet? well, you're not coming today. i want you so horny for my feet that they're all you can think about all day. maybe next clip i'll let you release.
Categories: Foot fetish