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Face Down Into Xenia's Smelly Socks and Feet

Duration: 14:26 Views: 0 Submitted: 12 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Check out these two other foot smothering clips with our sexy mistresses! sniffing and choking on stinking socksugly student's detention what an insanely hot position to be in, right upon mistress xenia's stinky feet! and yep, they really stank! she did not wash them for a whole day, and wore the same socks for almost a week without washing.   sitting upon her slaves neck, she stuff's her slave's face right into her stinky smelly socks.   then after a while, she removes the stinky socks to continue his suffering with her stinky, sexy bare feet!   we get two amazing shots! full body shots and close up shots right up to xenia's sexy feet!   you really get to see how her slave suffers, and how much mistress xenia is absolutely loving it! don't forget to check out our other video store:femme fatale agents of cruelty ***please message us if you are interested in a custom video. includes a tempting reward scheme for all our customers***
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