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Duration: 1:03:17 Views: 0 Submitted: 12 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Sabrina vs penelope in one nonstop 60-minute long punishing competitive female wrestling fight! a gruelling affair of one skilled vs one unskilled wrestler, interrupted by only one quick water break at half time, with sabrina completely dictating the tempo and direction of majority of movements. fatigue starts to be a factor after the first 15-20 minutes, at least on one side. sabrina seems unfazed yet, but poor penelope starts to suffer from being so overwhelmed, exhausted from all the punishing holds and mounting pressure from the bigger and more experienced opponent. her moaning only further intensifies as the match progresses, as her slender body starts aching from everything sabrina does with her. around halftime, her brain starts to accept her defeat will be inevitable, as she sees sabrina is in total control. she never stops fighting, though, she does her best to resist, to survive, to the end. and sabrina doesn't make things easier for her weaker foe. she makes penelope's suffering worse instead, by prolonging her holds, squeezing and draining life out of her unfortunate opponent. remember - only one short water break allowed throughout the course of the whole 1 hour competitive match! overall length of the match really takes its toll on penelope especially, her neck and ribs take a beating. this is highly recommended viewing for all the fans of competitive one-sided female wrestling. see the large image previews at our website. this clip contains: staredown, triangle choke, rear naked choke, headscissors, scissorhold, grapevine, headlock, bodyscissors, arm triangle choke, straddle pin, full mount, guard, crossbody pin, guillotine, competitive, female wrestling, submissions, one-sided, prolonged holds, suffering, sabrina, athlete, penelope, flexing, victory pose, sponsor
Categories: female wrestling