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Description: You have a new goal in your life.. and i'm here to help you to reach it. to encourage you, to show you it's worth it.  you wanna be incredible, irresistable. you want to become a perfection. for me. you know that there is nothing hotter than a big, fat guy with me. the bigger the better, those skinny boys are nothing comparing to a real big man like you! nothing turns me on more like a big fat belly, back rolls or saggy man's boobs!  this is what i need, this is what i want, and i'll not settle for less.. the feeling i get when i'm with you. the bigger you get, the smaller i get. the more protected i feel.    check out other similar videos:  i will feed and love you (mp4) what kind of guys i like (mp4) i will feed and love you 2 (mp4) i will feed and love you 3 (mp4) i will feed and love you 4 (mp4)