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Wet and messy with my fat pig - Master Bex - MP4 HD

Duration: 14:23 Views: 0 Submitted: 11 months ago Submitted by:
Description: I drag my fat pig into the middle of the meadow, armed with a big bucket of sloppy food to play with! in total, i had 48 eggs, passatta and some spaghetti in a can! i found a nice spot, put fatty on his knees and began to smash eggs on his head! i cracked them over and over onto his skull, splashing him with yolky mess! this is how fat pigs deserve to be treated. like filth! it quickly became a disgusting mess, and he his head and neck were completely soaked in yolk! he was dripping in mess! i then lay him down with his face up and began cracking eggs directly on his forehead! the egg was running into his eyes, nose and mouth as i sploshed them onto him, over and over! i then opened a can of spaghetti and poured it over his face, humiliating him in the field! then i sat on top of him, pressing my arse and bollocks down into his face, and riding his face while he was drenched in food mess! i smothered him with my arse and food! i finish the fat slug off by pouring a full pack of passata over his face and leaving him in the field for the flies to eat!  this is a seriously messy clip! this is insanely messy!   film slaves wanted - info at the top of the page!   keywords for this video: wet and messy, wam, gay wet and messy, face sitting, face smother, smothering, male face sitting, gay face sitting, male smother, breath play, master bex, sadistic master, whore training, slut training, slut humiliation, english master, british master, sir, english dom, british dom, male domination, straight master, str8 master, gay humiliation,
Categories: gay humiliation