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Ring Size : The Revelation Part 1 - Ama Rio & Ashlynn Taylor- SFX - HD 1080p MP4

Duration: 26:40 Views: 0 Submitted: 11 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Ring size sfx part 1 - the revelationstarring: ashlynn taylor, ama rioruntime: 26 minutesrated r - violence, sexual content.story:ashlynn has owned a secret magic ring that has enabled her to shrink down anyone she wants and keep them as pets. one day after drinking all day with her bff ama, she invites ama home, only to find her tinies have escaped. ama is intrigued as ashlynn captures a few of them to show ama. ama's pussy swells as the thought of crushing tinies turns her on. ashlynn is ecstatic to find out ama is into her microphilia as well, even though ashlynn doesn't share the same sadistic streak as ama, she nonetheless goes along with ama who has starts smashing and eating the tinies she has found. ashlynn talks ama into letting a few of them rub their giant feet instead of crushing them and ama agrees her feet are sore. this only lasts a short time before ama's cruel tendencies kick in again and she gets back to eating and crushing them. finally the two girls are so turned on they can't help themselves as they get hot and heavy, ama drops a tiny into ashlynn's panties as she masturbates her to climax.the next day arrives and ashlynn has left he ring on the table. ama picks it up and puts it on. she's always fantasized about having ashlynn as her tiny sex slave for her and het man. as ashlynn enters she asks why ama has put on her ring, ama points it and shrinks ashlynn. ashlynn tries to hide from ama but soon ama finds her and let's her know about her next plan.ends part 1clip features: multiple tinies, 3d models, bare foot crushes, hand crushes, soft vore, 1x hard vore, shrinking, 1x into panties w masturbation, pov angles, booms, camera shakes, slow mo, music, sound fx.
Categories: giantess