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Paige's panties: Throwback Thursday

Duration: 25:19 Views: 0 Submitted: 11 months ago Submitted by:
Description: This is an attempted recreation of a clip we did during locktober 2019 after having spent the night at the strip club while my boy was (of course) in chastity. this clip achieves triphasic edging with the help of a lottt of dirty talk about other beautiful women and what i'd let them do to him.  in black nitrile gloves, i tease him absolutely insane while he's still in the cage, then in the metal ring, and then finally free of any restraints.  again, i take painstaking care to remind him over and over again that this denial is what he begs for. he wants to want to cum. he loves to be told no. so when he finally begs for "anything but this," you can bet i keep going. he'll be nothing more than a slutty hole in by sunday funday.
Categories: chastity