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DiaperLover Audio ASMR Ami Mercury Messing Diaper at Movies

Duration: 11:22 Views: 0 Submitted: 11 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Seriously sexy diaper asmr with ami mercury's sultry voice. you're getting diapered in the car at the movie parking lot & your wife ami slips in 2 suppoositories up your bottom before closing you up. let's see how long you can hold it before exploding in your diaper while you two are watching the movie?? she whispers sexily in your ears as you struggle to hold it all in.... you wet & then eventually mess your diaper with her hand on it. she loves patting & squishing your messy butt but she loves rubbing the front of your diaper even more... she keeps rubbing it & whispering in your ear until you cum in your diaper as well. after the movie, you'll get another car diaper change!  lots of messing encouragement, sexy diaper talk and whispering.
Categories: diaper fetish