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Paracord For Suffering Summer's Toes

Duration: 4:00 Views: 0 Submitted: 11 months ago Submitted by:
Description: There's something special about watching a stunningly beautiful woman deal with excruciating bondage, summer is bound with paracord which is a first for her and she's not a happy girl about it either. and making it much worse and limit pushing is having her elbows slammed together with that cruel thin cord, it bites deep into her arms and her gagged groans tell you all you need to know about what this big breasted beauty is enduring. summer twists and writhes as best she can but almost any movement brings fresh agony and when she rolls on her side you can see how severely her arms have been bound, this is no joke and as bad as it already is for this gorgeous woman she is about to be subjected to something she never even heard of before. toe bondage! she feels more of the hated paracord being wrapped around her big toes and it's the damndest feeling she later said but for now all she can do is groan into the ball in her mouth as she is put into a new kind of hell. the cord is run from her toes to the elbow bondage putting summer into a very strict hogtie that leaves her utterly and desperately helpless! 
Categories: Bondage