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Baked Beans Smoosh & Slurp (Custom Clip Name Used)

Duration: 9:04 Views: 0 Submitted: 11 months ago Submitted by:
Description: I just had the best workout, and i'm glistening with sweat but something is missing on my sweaty feet. i pour on some warm baked beans, covering my feet with their yummy wetness! i love the way they feel, especially as i smash them with my toes and rub them between my soles. it feels slimy, kind of like what your cum would feel like all over my feet. i pick my feet up and lick the beans off of my toes and soles, chew them up and spit it out back onto my feet. my spit mixed with the chewed up, spit out beans all over my perfect soles. the sound of my soles squishing the beans is as satisfying as me slurping them off of my feet.
Categories: food & object crush