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Wife's Little Step-Sis (HD)

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Description: Your wife is in the shower after a day of hanging out with her little step-sister lanie. lanie is the hot version of your wife and she knows it. she lies on the bed next to you and begins to flirt. "sooo... did you guys fuck tonight?!" she's always so open and playful. "whaaat, i can't ask? she's tired? well how are you supposed to fuck if she's always tired?" she teases you. "she always takes the longest showers, we definitely have time" she begins feeling on you and bragging that she sucks dick unlike her step-sister. soon your wife's step-sister is sucking your dick and then riding you. she talks dirty the whole time, making it impossible to say no. "wow my step-sister is so dumb for not fucking you", her tight pussy squeezes you with every stroke. "cum in my mouth so there's no mess!" you all are going out later, "i'm going to tease you so much tonight"    720p mp4 format: ♥ wife's little step-sis (720p mp4) ♥  
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