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Tanya Danielle - Bound Clip 4 Screen Size 720x480 WMV

Duration: 10:14 Views: 0 Submitted: 4 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Tanya is tethered to a door with a long rope. you see tanya's long legs and incredible body shimmering from the sweat built up. she finally admits she is a secret agent, and goes on and on about what they might want from her. she asks if she can be let go as you see the sweat build up on her incredible body. she wiggles and writhes, and begs to no avail, she begs to be let off the hook and is of no help as she struggles to get through this ordeal. tanya worries what will happen to her, fearing the worst, she struggles and tries to figure a way out. the ogre tells her he knows she's a secret agent and knows where they may have hidden the salami. tanya tries to get the ogre to let her go and gives him all sorts of excuses to get him to let his guard up so she can figure a way out.    10:14 min         screen size 720x480 wmv
Categories: Bondage