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Two girls pee the apart hotel - ep 2 - pee the couch and table 4K

Duration: 7:59 Views: 0 Submitted: 4 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Wildeva and her friend minky are a couple of brats. they have just checked in a new apart hotel room and they will do their favorite activity again - literally going to pee the rented apartment all around! wet furniture and wet floors turn them on, but being naughty is the best feeling!!scene 2: now eva has arrived, and both brats sit down on the couch for a chit-chat over a glass of juice. eva feels the urge to pee, but soon finds out that the toilet is everywhere :) so they both decide to pee right there, on the couch and on the table. so they strip, squat on the couch and release two string streams of pee to wet all over the couch and coffee table. absolutely sweet.
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